The Origin Story

The world crumbled around the innocent people of the fandoms as they tried to decide: What to read? What to watch? WHAT TO DO? There were great fictional stories, amazing TV shows, and tear-worthy movies, but oh-so many to choose from! Which were amazing? Which could they do without? Then, out of the ashes arose two girls. They may have looked ordinary, but gifted to them by writers and television was an amazing power: The FEELS.  Armed with the ability of obsessive fangirling, they set out with the intent of journeying across the world, determined to spread the news of the amazing books and movies to the to people everywhere… And then they promptly ran back home, for fear of the sun. (Hey, when you’re a fangirl, things like fresh air and the outdoors and ‘health’ is optional). They scurried to their phones and laptops, and decided to start a blog together.

So, our dear readers, if you haven’t been scared away by that crazy intro, we’d like to welcome you  to our blog! We are Katie and Divs, the brains behind TheCookieCrumblr. This blog will be the center of many fandoms (LOTS of Marvel and DC) that we are completely and totally obsessed with, as well as reviews of books, movies and TV shows. The topic of this blog is pretty miscellaneous, but stick with us and you (probably) wont be disappointed.

So that’s all for now. Stay in tune though! This is going to be a fun-filled year 🙂


Author: thecookiecrumblr

We are just simple girls, living a fangirl life

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