Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. – SEASON PREMIRE (Discussion and Review)

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The following discussion contains MANY, MANY, MANY SPOILERS for the season premiere of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.! This is the non-spoilers section. All we can really say (without giving anything away, of course) is that this was an AMAZING WAY to start the season. It was great, so do yourself a favor and just go watch it. Come back when you’ve seen the episode, and then you can read our amazing discussion about it!


Divya: OMG, the Agents of SHIELD premiere was so amazing!

Katie: I second that completely. It was definitely a great start to what’s bound to be an excellent season. Can we talk about those opening flashes? Of Daisy and Ghost Rider and pills and- Oh my gosh that was wonderful.

Divya: I know, right! I The very first moment of the episode, the tension WAS HIGH! It picked up right where it left off, which was awesome. They didn’t waste any time with exposition, and dove right into the story, which was AMAZING. The opening scene where Ghost Rider literally fried those guys gave me the chills.

Katharine: Definitely. He’s so… different than anything we’ve ever seen on the show before. It’s almost like we have a fresh start this season, with Hydra and so many characters gone and Skye on her own, and I’m curious to see where it’s going to go. What kind of a part do you think Ghost Rider is going to play? Do we know that he’s the villain?

Divya: First of all.. ***Daisy. Yeesh Katie, it’s been a full season since Daisy has been referred to as Skye, GET OVER IT. And secondly, I am actually so conflicted over the Ghost Rider. On one side of the scale, he’s kinda bad (Like, he did try to kill Daisy). However, while he had ample opportunity to kill her at the end, he didn’t. He also has a disabled brother, which made me think that he might have a good motive behind what he is doing. And also , he mentioned a few times that he is the Ghost Rider because the devil touch him (or something), and that he himself doesn’t choose who dies, but the Ghost Rider does. What if he’s being controlled like Lash/Andrew?

Katie: Sorry, sorry. I know that she changed her name and that was a huge character development, but I don’t  know if I’ll ever be able to let Skye go. It’s how I know her. I guess that shows just how much she loved finding her real name, because so quickly she changed to Daisy. Her entire name and honestly, some of her identity too. Get what I’m trying to say? And I hear what you’re saying about Ghost Rider, but he didn’t kill Daisy! That makes me so confused, which was the point, and it seems kind of like she never dies. Not that I want her to, OBVIOUSLY, but a lot of people have stopped just before killing her- Lash comes right to my mind.

You definitely have a good thought process for Ghost Rider. I think that’s some of what these frustrating writers do. THEY MAKE US HAVE NO IDEA! I really can’t tell if he’s good/bad, free will/controlled, good motives/bad motives, etc. It’s so frustrating.

Divya: Seriously I’m so conflicted right now, it’s not even funny. I feel like it was very important that while the man himself (Robbie Reyes) was trying to kill Daisy, the Ghost Rider let her live. AND if he, too, is an inhuman (I am 99.999% sure that he is), then what is his purpose? It has been proved time and time again that every inhuman had a purpose. Lash was trying to prevent more inhumans from joining Team Hive, and healed Daisy of Hive’s sway. Obviously Daisy to save the world, all the time. Lincoln to save the world from Terragen.

Katie: Oh, Lincoln!! I miss him so, so much. He set off this whole crazy chain of events that made Daisy turn to this. Not that it was his fault, but I still can’t believe he’s gone. Anyways, you’re definitely onto something with every inhuman having a purpose. Apparently Ghost Rider has a power called Penance Stare, and is part of a group of Ghost Riders. That’s what it says in the comics, I’m trying to get more information now.

Divya: While you do that, I’m going to bring up a topic that the whole fandom is probably a little worried about. FITZSIMMONS. After one incident of pretty extreme brain damage, a few journeys to a strange, alien planet, and these other annoying ships getting in the way, THEY FINALLY KISSED near the end of season three. Why can’t they just get to be happy and at peace for FIVE MINUTES omg. Their relationship is always at jeopardy and it is seriously stressing me out. It broke my heart to see Simmons be untrusted by the people who should be trusting her the most. Even though Fitz and Simmons have an agreement not to let work get in between them, I wonder how long it will be before Fitz himself starts distrusting Simmons. Not to mention the fact that Fitz is hiding Dr. Radcliffe’s creepy robot from Simmons… I can literally feel how much of a problem that will be for them when Simmons does find out.

Katie: I feel like I have nothing to say about this except… you took the words out of my mouth. I love them so much (one of my top OTPs!!) but there is always something in their way. What was it that one of them said? That some couples are just cursed? I was hoping that we had broken that streak for them. They deserve to be happy, and the way that this first episode set their relationship up for the season, well… it just seems like they’re going to have a lot more problems coming their way!

Oh and I did find out more about Ghost Rider. Basically that in the comics “Ghost Rider” was the name of several anti-heroes. Note the words “several” and “antihero”. I wonder where they’re going to take him in regards to AOS. Oh! And he will be an inhuman on AOS, so your theory about him having to have a specific purpose is gaining traction 🙂

Divya: Wow, look at you, using big words. In regards to what you said about Ghost Rider being inhuman, I really hope he’s a good guy. I feel like the team has lost so much, and they need some more people to fill the ranks. But, I feel like the Ghost Rider has something to do with that creepy ghost that caused those thief-men to kill each other, and the one that we see May being plagued with at the end of the episode. I seems like a ghost, and the dude literally calls himself the Ghost Rider… so there’s an undeniable connection there.

Katie: So apparently you’re as sarcastic on the internet as you are in real life! But that’s a good thing. Anyways, I definitely hope that he’s a good guy, but you do know that means there’s a worse villain coming? Because they always seemed outmatched by the villain until they strongly come through and, unfortunately, usually lose someone. I wonder if Ghost Rider will be that “sacrifice” this season. Every season someone seems to die. And I wonder if he is connected to the ghost of the girl too, but whether their friend or foe I guess we’ll just have to watch to find out.

Divya: What I want to know is WHY Ghost Rider is killing people. Reyes said directly that the Ghost Rider himself chooses who dies, which means it’s not random. There’s a purpose behind each killing. Do the Ghost Rider’s interests line up with Reyes’s?

Ok before we finish up, I really want to discuss some ships. I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY. Ok, so we already discussed FitzSimmons, and our worries for the future, but for now, it looks likes they’re going pretty steady, which is great. Next ship that Im totally excited for (and that the creators totally gave more than just a subtle hinting toward) is Mack and Yoyo!! Care to share some opinions?

Katie: Ditto ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS! The frustrating and wonderful thing about this show is that we usually don’t find out until the end of season or mid season finales. Ugh! But ships always make me happy, and honestly I love Mack and Yoyo so much that I can’t help but ship them. They’re so adorable, even if the directors totally shoved that one in for the viewers enjoyment, and their personalities match so well together. And can I just mention Coulson and May? I have heard you mention them multiple times and I love them so much. I think more as a friend-ship, because they kick butt together all day every day, but if the writers wanted to go romantic I would totally not be against it.

Divya: I know, right! I have been low-key shipping May-Coulson (Moulson? Melindip? Philinda?) since the first episode. I loved Rosalind, and i loved Andrew, so I let go of those ships. But now *(eyebrow raise, eyebrow raise)* Coulson and May are both very much single, and very much available. They have good chemistry in the way that if they wanted to stay as just friends, they totally could. But, they also know each other better than anyone else, and I’m hoping against hope that this close friendship they have will develop into something a little more.

Katie: They completely could. Just… let’s not have a repeat of the Ward-May ship! Haha. I’m pretty sure that’s all that we’ve got for today. I know that as much as I’d love to fangirl forever and ever, I do have studying. We have that English test tomorrow that has nothing to do with AOS. Kill me now.

Anyways, I loved talking about the great start of what’s bound to be a fantastic season, wherever the writers take it. Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday on Freeform at 10:00 for episode 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ghost Rider. And then keep an eye out for our discussion on that episode coming out later next week. It’s going to be pretty phenomenal, I can tell you that. Signing off, Divya?

Divya: Yep, I gotta go actually read The Great Gatsby for (I’m quoting my teacher here)  “That Big Ol’ Honkin’ Test tomorra’.” Thanks so much for read our review/discussion.

Divya and Kate: This is Katie and Divs, signing off. Until next time, don’t forget to fangirl obsessively and eat all those cookies (Sorry, had to do something related to the name of our blog)!