Book Nerd Christmas Wish List

Hey everyone! It’s Divya, here to be not only your reliable source for book reviews and fangirl-ing, but also to be your source of relief. Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means. Its time to get the people that you care most about in your life some presents. Now if you are like 99% of the world, then you struggle with getting the perfect gift for your friends and family, especially if their niche of interest lies in a field you yourself are not interested( aka: mundanes/muggles to nerds of every kind). Luckily for you, I am in that group of nerd and fanigrls, and I know some of the most perfect gifts to get.

This is my list of the best gifts to get your fangirl/ book nerd friend for Christmas.

  1. Books – Duh. Now don’t just go about buying any book, or something that’s “popular amongst teens” because chances are the person you are buying for has already read it, or doesn’t like that style/ type of what book is popular. I remember when The Fault in our Stars was popular. While I thought it was ok, I didn’t love it or even care all that much at the sad ending that had pretty much everyone else in tears. The characters’ sense of humor didn’t translate well to me, and I didn’t really take a liking to the characters themselves either (I did, however, love Isaac). But because all my friends and family knew I liked reading, at least 4 or 5  people gifted me with a brand-new copy of The Fault in our Stars that year; a book I had already read and decided I didn’t like. My advice is to BE SUBTLE and ask your friend about their favorite authors and genres, and try to figure out what book they’d like based on that information.
  2. Money/Gift-Cards – If you’re really stressing out because you don’t know what to get a friend, why not just leave it up to them? money-giftMoney and gift-cards are the way to anyone’s heart really,  as it is up to them what they can get. It’s the less personal gift, which is why I try to avoid giving only gift-cards and money, but its still a great present for anyone. If you do decide to give your friend a gift-card or money for Christmas, try personalizing it by making a card with inside jokes or a small side gift, like lotion or fuzzy socks.
  3. Fan Merchandise – Nothing will make a fangirl or book lover happier than to strut around in their brand new fan merchandise. When you wear fan merchandise, whether it be a t-shirt with a quote or a bracelet with a symbol, you feel a special connection to the story you love so very much. And nothing is cooler than meeting other people who understand the reference from your fan merchandise and sharing your love for the book/show/movie. I wear my Teen Wolf hoodie practically every few days, and every time I do, I high five a new friend who sees me and understands. Its glorious.
  4.  Cute N’ Comfy Clothes – There is nothing I love more, especially on a colonsied winter day, than to cozily watch some Netflix in some snuggly sweatpants or chill with friends wearing cute soft sweaters. During this time of year, when it’s too cold to wear my normal lazy-day clothes, my soft, comfortable clothes have become my best friend. My favorite thing to wear around the house, or when I’m hanging around with my buds, is my onesie. I LOVE my onesie so much. Its cute and plush, making it totally Instagram-worthy. My friends and I hang out while all wearing our onesies, and we just feel so tumbler and cute, its the best feeling ever.
  5. Floating Bookshelf – So if your book loving friend is anything like me, then she struggles when it comes to storing and displaying her hundreds of belovefloating-bookshelfsd books. There is simply not enough room on one shelf to display all your books and keep them safe from the elements. A floating shelf is on my wish list too, as it is a small, not very visible shelf that you can attach to your wall and stack your books on, giving the illusion that they are floating on your wall. It offers more space for storage and looks really cute, making it an awesome gift for any book-lover in need of space.

That concludes my book nerd wish list. Sorry its so short, but I’m only human; I cant do all your work. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions as to what you want me to post next, or if you have any good book or TV show suggestion. Thanks. Merry Christmas, guys!